Membership in the NSA

Memberships run on the calendar year, expiring every Dec 31st.  You can change your membership type (regular/student/sustaining) at the time of renewal. The additional fee to join the Pacific Coast Section of the NSA ($10 per year) is optional.

  • Regular 2024 new membership: $95 per year (includes post-doctoral fellows)
  • Student 2024 new membership: $50 per year
  • Sustaining 2024 new membership: $200 per year
  • Lifetime Membership: $1000
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About the National Shellfisheries Association

The National Shellfisheries Association (NSA) is an international organization of scientists, management officials and members of industry that is deeply concerned and dedicated to the formulation of ideas and promotion of knowledge pertinent to the biology, ecology, production, economics and management of shellfish resources. The Association has a membership of more than 700 from all parts of the USA, Canada and 32 other nations; the Association strongly encourages graduate students' membership and participation.

What does the NSA do?
  • Sponsors an annual scientific conference
  • Publishes the peer-reviewed Journal of Shellfish Research
  • Provides members with a print subscription to JSR and online access via BioOne
  • Produces a Quarterly Newsletter
  • Interacts with other associations and industry
What can NSA do for you?
  • You will meet kindred scientists, managers and industry officials at annual meetings
  • You will get peer review through presentation of papers at the annual meeting
  • If you are young, you will benefit from the experience of your elders
  • If you are an elder, you will be rejuvenated by the fresh ideas of youth
  • If you are a student, you will make useful contacts for your job search
  • If you are a potential employer, you will meet promising young people
  • You will receive a scientific journal containing important research articles
  • You will receive a Quarterly Newsletter providing information on the Association and its activities, book review section, information on other societies and their meetings, a job placement section and more.

Institutional subscriptions to the Journal of Shellfish Research are available here.