Honored Life Member Award

The Awards Committee will review and nominate individuals who, by their exemplary service to the Association or to the profession, deserve recognition as Honorary Life Member of the Association.  Recipients receive a plaque and lifetime membership in the Association.


 † - deceased

2018: Donal Manahan and Dennis Hedgecock

2016: Aad Smaal

2015: Richard Lutz

2012: Susan E. Ford (In memoriam QNL 2018.1) and John N. Kraeuter

NSA Shellfish Pioneer Susan Ford

2011: Rita Colwell

2009: Eugene M. Burreson

2008: Roger Mann

2003: George R. Abbe (In memoriam)

2001: Sandra E. Shumway

1998: B.L. Bayne OBE

1996: John H. Ryther (In memoriam)

1995: R. Tucker Abbott (In memoriam)

1995: Robert R.L. Guillard

1994: Victor S. Kennedy

1993: Dexter S. Haven

1993: Herbert Hidu

1992: Victor G. Burrell (In memoriam)

1992: Sammy M. Ray (In memoriam)

Of BBQ and Oysters: Dr Sammy Ray

1992: Ruth Turner (In memoriam)

1991: Aaron Rosenfield (In memoriam)

1991: Carl Sindermann

1990: Neil Bourne

1990: Michael Castagna

1989: Kenneth Chew

1989: Robert M. Ingle

1988: Ronald E. Westley

1984: J. L. McHugh

1981: Philip Butler

1981: John Glude (In memoriam)

1981: R. Winston Menzel (In memoriam)

1980: A. F. Chestnut

1980: Cedric E. Lindsay

1979: Harold H. Haskin (In memoriam)

1978: Jay D. Andrews

1978: H. Butler Flower

1978: Melbourne R. (Mel) Carriker  (In memoriam    

1977: Pieter Korringa

1976: J. Richards Nelson

1973: Dennis Crisp (In memoriam)

1973: Gordon Gunter

1973: J. C. Medcof (In memoriam)

1973: Lyle S. St. Amant (In memoriam)

1973: Daniel Quayle (In memoriam)

1971: James B. Engle (In memoriam)

1969: Robert Lunz

1969: Arthur S. Merrill (In memoriam)

1968: Walter A. Chipman

1968: Sewell H. Hopkins

1967: David Belding

1963: Victor L. Loosanoff (In memoriam)

1960: Wesley Coe

1960: R. E. Coker

1960: David Wallace

1957: Paul S. Galtsoff

1957: Trevor Kincaid

1957: Thurlow C. Nelson 

1957: Reginald V. Truitt (In memoriam)

Profiles in Science: Chesapeake Quarterly, Maryland Sea Grant (2013)

1914: Hugh Smith 

1910: Jarvey W. Wiley