Historical Overview of the Association Written In 1952

The National Shellfisheries Association
August 1952
During the early years of the present century a need was felt for a national organization wherein those state and federal officials charged with conserving and administering the extensive shellfisheries of our nation might meet, exchange ideas and gain information from scientists who were studying biological and sanitary problems related to the industry. The first organizational meeting was held in New York City on January 15, 1909 and on May 5 of that year a constitution and by-laws for permanent organization of a National Association of Shell Fish Commissioners was presented.
Successive meetings attracted increasing attention not only from the officials of the various states but from many interested scientists and leading representatives of the industry as well. As more scientists in the fields of fishery biology, sanitation and nutrition became active in the work of the Association a revised constitution and by-laws was adopted on August 19, 1930 renaming the organization The National Shellfisheries Association, a title more descriptive of the wide though related interests of its membership.
The first joint meeting with the Oyster Growers and Dealers Association of North America was held in 1929. In 1937 The Oyster Institute of North America became a part of the Annual Oyster Convention. Highly successful joint meetings of the three organizations have been held in major cities along the Atlantic Coast each year which have been centers of attraction for all people concerned with shellfish.
The National Shellfisheries Association is felt to be a unique organization in that fishery administrators, business men, and fishery biologists here meet on common ground and discuss their problems to the mutual benefit of each. Up to the minute reports on the latest research dealing with shell fish are brought to the attention of administrators and practical men of the industry. All such reports and addresses at the Association during recent years have been printed and distributed to members. The growing membership of the Association attests to the values derived from its proceedings.