David Wallace Award

The David H. Wallace Award is given to individuals whose activities in shellfisheries, aquaculture and conservation have promoted understanding, knowledge, and cooperation among industry members, the academic community, and government, as exemplified by Mr. David H. Wallace during his lifetime. Recipients receive a plaque and lifetime membership in the Association.


- deceased

2016: Eric Powell

2013: Kevin Stokesbury

2010: Walter (Walt) Canzonier

2009: Sandra E. Shumway

2006: William Dewey

2005: Robert Rheault

2004: Susan Ford

2003: Edward Myers

2001: John Hurst (In memoriam)

2000: R. LeRoy Creswell

1997: John N. Kraeuter

1995: John (Jay) Manzi

1994: G.C. Matthiessen

1993: Clyde L. MacKenzie

1992: Melbourne R. (Mel) Carriker (In memoriam)

1992: Daniel Quayle (In memoriam)

1991: Neil Bourne

1991: Herbert Hidu

1985: Dexter S. Haven

1984: Harold H. Haskin (In memoriam)

1983: Michael Castagna

1982: Kenneth Chew